ACTION LIGHTING - Suppliers of installation accessories and lighting products, such as the strobe lights and snowflakes used in my display.

ALL ELECTRONICS - An online and local surplus electronics supply house. 

FABRICS.COM - An source for many of the fabrics used for my animatronics. 

GAVRIELI PLASTICS - A local source for Coroplast and other plastics and sign materials.

GRAINGER - Distributor of the gear motors used to make the animated figures in my Indiana display.

HOLIDAY TECHNOLOGIES - A great source of products and support needed for a display. Also, a distributor and customer support rep.
                                         for Season's Greeters animatronics.

LIGHTORAMA - The company that makes my controllers for my lights and animatronics.

LET US HANG - A commercial and residential light hanging service serving the Los Angeles area.

MADRIX - The software used to control my RGB pixel matrix on my Pix-Z-Tree.

MAKER GEAR - The company that makes my M2 3D printer, which has been a very useful and reliable tool for my animatronics business.

McMASTER CARR - A great source for a wide range of hardware and parts used to make my animatronics.

PLANET CHRISTMAS - An online forum of decorating enthusiasts, willing to share their knowledge and support with others.

REYNOLDS ADVANCED MATERIALS - Distributors of casting and mold making supplies used in the creation of my animatronics and characters.

SEASON'S GREETERS - My animatronics company, featuring affordable fully programmable animatronics for your home or venue.

SERVO CITY - Vendor of many of the servos and accessories used in my animatronics.

THEATRE EFFECTS - Vendor of a variety of theatrical special effects products, such as the mirrored ball and snow fluid used in my display.

TWIT - Leo Laporte’s net cast network. My favorite source of technology information and entertainment.